Judgment Enforcement and Collections

The investigators of Mohr Investigative Services, Inc. have spent the past twenty years locating people and their assets. We relentlessly track down debtor's employment, bank accounts, real estate holding and even stocks and bonds with one objective: making them pay what they owe. We firmly believe that debts should be paid no matter how old they are. If you have ever been awarded a court judgment by now you have realized that simply obtaining a judgment does not mean obtaining the money that is owed to you. In the U.S. nearly 80% of all court awarded judgments go unpaid. We can help.

What sets Mohr Investigative Services, Inc. apart from the rest is that we teamed highly skilled skip tracing investigators with Attorneys to facilitate not only locating the debtor but filing garnishments, interrogatories and ultimately the releases once you have received the money that was owed to you. Our investigators have spent decades locating hard to find assets. They unearth information even when the debtor attempts to elude the system. Our Attorneys are well versed in collection law and will champion your day in court. Our goal is simple: Obtain the money that you are rightfully due.

At Mohr Investigative Services, Inc. we operate on a contingency fee basis. We will search and locate the debtor's assets. We will file all necessary court paperwork (garnishment, interrogatories, releases, etc) at our own expense. The cost to you is nothing however judgments do expire and debtors become harder and harder to find so time is of the essence.

If you have a court awarded judgment and have yet to be paid please contact James W. Mohrmann for a personal consultation. If possible please have all court documents and any debtor information on hand.

For pre-judgment collections please contact James W Mohrmann at

  • While we make every attempt to collect monies owed no guarantees of successful collection are expressed or implied.

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Insurance Services

Mohr Investigative Services, Inc . believes that video surveillance is the strongest, most irrefutable evidence available for influencing settlements or winning trials . Our reputation has been built upon providing advanced surveillance services regarding insurance matters . We are experienced in all aspects of insurance investigations, including routine claim verification, suspected fraud, fraud rings, contestability concerns, exaggerated claims, general liability claims, life insurance claims, and auto insurance-related claims . We provide thorough, prompt and professional investigative services, and we take the time to impart individualized service based on each client's specific needs .

  • Life insurance claims
  • Suicide
  • Homicide
  • Accidental death
  • Disappearance
  • Contestable
  • Professional disability claims
  • Surveillance
  • Settlement negotiation
  • Location and recovery of assets
  • Accident Scene Investigations
  • Nursing Home Investigations
  • Workers Compensation
  • Undercover

Catastrophic injury claims, such as loss of limbs or eyesight or mobility, can result in lawsuits totaling millions of dollars against companies . Surveillance can often help disprove the claim or reduce the amount of an award . According to a recent industry articles, savings associated with the use of surveillance of claimants range from $17.00 to $40.00 for every dollar spent on surveillance.

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Corporate Services

At Mohr Investigative Services, Inc., we custom design background investigations to fit the specific needs and requirements of our clients. We will take the time to sit down with you to discuss what information is important to you. All background investigations are handled personally by a trained investigator. The listing below represents some of our background investigation services, however please contact us for a free consultation and assessment of your special needs.

Corporate Intelligence / Counter-Intelligence

  • Misappropriation of Information Investigations
  • Industrial Espionage Protection and Investigation
  • Intellectual Property Protection
  • Information Security (InfoSec)Risk Analysis
  • Technical Surveillance Counter-Measures (TSCM)

Industrial espionage is at an all-time high. Thanks to technological advances, corporate risk associated with their information security exposure is growing at an exponential rate. Our staff of uniquely trained investigators can provide a wide range of services to counter those who may be stealing information from your company. By employing investigators skilled in the best practices of corporate InfoSec policies and procedures, not only can we reliably evaluate and make recommendations regarding existing practices and policies, but we can assist your current corporate IT staff in developing baseline system and server configuration practices to effectively eliminate many of the common place technology exploits.

Using the latest in TSCM, also known as electronic eavesdropping detection technology, our private investigators have expertise in all areas of technical surveillance counter-measures and electronic eavesdropping detection. We use sophisticated, state-of-the-art equipment to help your business maintain the integrity of its corporate security.

A TSCM inspection includes the following:

  • Threat assessment discussion, including possible parties who would wish to spy on your business and how they might gain access
  • Telephone system analysis including instruments, incoming trunks, in-house cabling, and peripheral equipment and testing for intercept devices such as a phone tap or wire tap
  • Radio frequency (RF) spectrum analysis from 50 KHz to 21 GHz, including recognition capabilities for digital, spread-spectrum, and frequency-hopping transmitters, in addition to standard analog devices
  • Infrared (IR) search of all appropriate areas
  • Electronic inspection for covert video transmission, such as a spy camera
  • Carrier current analysis of AC outlets, telephone cable, and other wiring to detect devices capable of transmitting communications
  • Electronic search of the area with a non-linear junction detector ("bug detector") to detect and locate dormant or remotely activated communication and recording devices
  • Physical search of the target site for hidden microphones, transmitters, audio recorders, closed-circuit television (CCTV) systems, and any other interruption devices
  • Detailed written analysis depicting survey techniques, findings, and recommendations
  • Follow on recommendations if a listening device, bug, wireless camera, or other device is found

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Background Investigations

At Mohr Investigative Services, Inc . , we custom design background investigations to fit the specific needs and requirements of our clients . We will take the time to sit down with you to discuss what information is important to you . All background investigations are handled personally by a trained investigator . The listing below represents some of our background investigation services . Please contact us for a free consultation and assessment of your special needs .

Pre-Employment Screening:
The trend in pre-employment screening has moved to database research and an automated "hands free" process . While we also offer these database services, we strongly believe that an in depth investigation reveals far more accurate results, as well as "Hands-On" local record searches can also be authenticated as supporting documentation for litigation purposes .

Criminal Records Search:
Felony and misdemeanor criminal records are researched at the county level. Records revealed include at a minimum of seven years. We do offer State level searches in some states, but find the information more reliable at the county level.

Civil Records Search:
Searches of defendant civil records are researched at the county level. Records revealed include judgments, landlord & tenant disputes, claims for monies owed. Searches include a seven to ten year time frame.

Tax lien and Judgment Search:
A search of Federal, State and local tax liens are performed at the county level. Records revealed include personal as well as business tax liens, levies, garnishments and judgments. In some States these records are also maintained at the state level and can be searched.

Uniform Commercial Code / Financing Statements Search:
A search of UCC / Financing Statements is performed at the county level. Documents are typically in effect for 5 years unless continued. This search will reveal previous financial lease agreements and provide security interests in property.

Asset Search:
A search of real estate holdings is performed at the county level. This search may also be performed at the state level in some instances. This will reveal property owned, when acquired and current valuation of said property.

Worker's Compensation Claims Search:
A search of prior worker' compensation claims are performed at the state level.
This search will reveal any claims made to worker's compensation.

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Information Technology

Mohr Investigative Services, Inc., can provide complete computer forensic services to government, corporations, and professionals. Our offering is made up of several tiers of service to include on-site, off-site, after hours, and other service options. Computer forensic examinations can be extremely time-intensive and detailed in nature, therefore Mohr Investigative Services, Inc. caters our different service tiers towards the specific circumstances being faced by your organization. Mohr Investigative Services, Inc. delivers a consistently high level of service based upon current technology and techniques.

CyberCrime is an attack on a computer and/or a network of computers, or a computer itself being used to commit a crime or offense. New computer purchases continue to soar. Whether being acquired for use at home, or office, each system is a potential target for an ever-growing number of hackers and virus writers. If traveling with a corporate computer, there are additional threats that may not have been considered. At best an internal IT staff is typically overwhelmed with requests and has little or no time to stay up-to-date with the ever-changing technological landscape. Even the most techno-savvy individuals often do not consider the every day risk associated with the most basic of computing tasks. We are well versed in the many aspects of computer / Internet risk management and security. Our investigators have backgrounds ranging from the development of corporate usage policies, to email tracing, to low-level data recovery and forensics in order to identify, recover, extract, and preserve data residing on a computer.

PC Forensics:

Mohr Investigative Services, Inc. utilizes standard industry techniques in use by state & federal law enforcement agencies. We offer unique and cost effective solutions that can be used a multitude of environments. Our services encompass a wide range of systems which typically allows us to be to address situations in both corporate, government and professional offices. The goal of our computer forensic services is to recover as much critical evidence as possible that is relative to your unique requirement.

Our services can be used for a variety of reasons, including criminal, civil, financial and other reasons. Representative clients include government agencies, corporations, attorneys, licensed professionals, and individuals with challenges that exist within a home or business.

Government Agencies: Typically the federal government already has the resources to for investigations of this nature, however city, county, and state government agencies have other responsibilities to deal with. By examining government computer systems, we can provide information pertaining to vendor & procurement fraud, sexual harassment and EEO issues, the use of govt. computers to run home based business's, harassment of other employees, and illegal content to include downloading of images and other questionable materials. This is a growing trend. Not only is it a significant liability risk, it also reduces employee productivity.

Corporations: Use of company systems for illegal or unethical reasons. Fraud, theft, embezzlement, theft of trade secrets, sexual harassment/EEO problems, misuse of the internet or corporate computing resource.

Attorneys: Civil cases, Will & Estate matters, intellectual property violations, labor & employment litigation, entertainment & sports litigation. It is important to remember that most documents & other financial records are maintained primarily on computers.

Listed below are the most common hardware and software configurations that we support at this time:

Microsoft Operating Systems to include 95/98, 2000, Millennium, & XP Professional. This also includes PC's in a client server configuration, as well as Windows 2000 Server, 2003 Server.

Pocket PC type PDA devices that work in conjunction with PC's as part of a standalone or enterprise network.

File/Data Discovery
This includes all of the normal files, even those that were deleted, hidden and or encrypted files. This also includes data created by applications such as Microsoft Office, Photoshop, Adobe, Quicken/Quickbooks, and other application software products, as well as the recovery of the temporary and/or swap files, allocated and unallocated space, and other key areas that are not usually known to most computer users.

Analysis & Reporting
Mohr Investigative Services, Inc. will provide a complete analysis of the entire process so you know what evidence has been recovered, and if other action needs to be taken, to include other suggested technical options. Our report will detail hardware, software, applications used, data recovered, to include photos, images, and other evidence. As experts in this field, we can also provide expert testimony in the event it is required.

Report Contents
While technical data such as system components is important, it is typically secondary to information pertaining to user information. Our detailed reports include information outlining system configuration as well as persons that have logged in/used the system. Information recovered typically includes: sent/received email messages, web sites visited, files and documents accessed, programs used, and timeline of system usage. Our reports are prepared in a concise format for ease of use by persons without a degree in computer science.

Email Tracing / Internet Profiling

While the Internet is a valuable tool in our society, it is often used for deceitful or abusive purposes, such as infidelity and Internet stalking. Individuals engaging in illicit activities on the Internet often do so believing that they will remain nameless and hidden in cyberspace. We can assist to uncover the true identity of these individuals. Our IIU (Internet Investigations Unit) employs techniques similar to those used by government law enforcement agencies.

Email Tracing
Our tiered service offerings allow us to tailor our services to your unique requirements. Should you simply need to obtain the identity and address of the primary individual responsible for the email account, our Basic Email Trace would be appropriate. If additional information is required (complete history of the individual including; name, address, phone number, aliases, address history, spouse, neighbors, date of birth, social security number, civil history, property ownership, other e-mail addresses, and Internet history), then our Advanced Email Trace would be the route to take.

Internet Profiling
Internet Profiling is similar to uncovering fingerprints left behind by an individual. When a person interacts on-line, a trail is silently left behind from chat rooms, posted messages, purchases, digital photographs and hobby groups, just to name a few.

Through highly-specialized recovery techniques and tools, this information can be uncovered to develop a profile of an individual. The level of detail produced through an Internet Profile Report (IPR) is directly related to a person's frequency and the degree of their activity while on-line. Internet Profiling is not designed to replace a standard background investigation, but can be used to link an individual to specific activities, interests, and online habits.

Via our Basic Internet Profiling, through the use of an e-mail address or sometimes just a name, we can determine a person's past activities on the Internet. Our Advanced Internet Profiling service will provide additional information on a subject including: name, address, phone number, aliases, address history, spouse, neighbors, date of birth, social security number, civil history, property ownership and other e-mail addresses.

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